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Nominado a mejor Cortometraje extranjero IFF 2016 London.
Semana Soria Buenos Aires
Festival de Cine Independiente de Neuquén (Fecineu)
FILMETS Barcelona 2016
33rd Tehran International Short Film Festival 2016.
33TH CLFF FILMS Festival Chicago Films festival.
Declarcion de interes cultural, Secretaria de Cultura, Argentina.

Declaracion de interes Cultural


Audience Award at FESTIVAL 30 DIES (Andorra)
Award at First feature film.
Mostra de Cinema de Terror i Ciència Ficció de Manresa Terrorífic.
Festival Hemoglozine 2014.



Born in the city of La Plata, Argentina. He studied as a filmmaker at the La Plata University and the CIEVYC. He made a most of his works at featured films as a producer and assistant. Likewise, he worked at many projects for both local and international television, video clips, and advertisement, as a producer and director for many well-known production companie

Best First Feature Film and Publics Award for his film “Erasmus, not everyghing is fun” in the 2014 Andorra International Film Festival.
His short film “Huguito”, released in the Chicago Latino Film Festival, and the Tisff Iran Film Festival. Declared a film of cultural interes by the Argentinean Goverment.

Having studied cinema in his home town and being well-known also for his role in the film ‘Contigo No,Bicho’.
Furthermore, has been involved as a journalist, radio presenter and producer for 7 seasons in Europa FM’s groundbreaking programme ‘Levántate Cárdenas’, currently the most listened to and successful radio morning show in Spain enjoyed daily by an audience reaching over 1.2 million!

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